Video: Valentine’s Day rescue still in critical condition

National Aquarium working around the clock
February 28, 2019

The yearling harp seal that came ashore on Valentine's Day was rescued and transported by Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute Feb.15. Showing signs of dehydration and infested with seal lice, she was transported to the National Aquarium Animal Rescue in Baltimore.  Originally named Cupid by MERR, she is now nicknamed Sally Ride after the astronaut. She is the second female harp seal at the rescue. She joins Marie Tharp, a seal who is improving and eating fish on her own.

Officials at the National Aquarium say she is still in very critical condition. Sally was taken to the Animal Care and Rescue Center for a complete physical exam and blood work. Spending most of her time resting, she doesn’t have much interest in food. The rescue team is working around the clock to provide nutrients through tube feeding and IV fluids. Sally is also receiving anti-inflammatory medication and oral antibiotics. 

The National Aquarium in Baltimore provided a video of Sally Ride, shown at top right.

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