Front Porch Lewes offers services for absent property owners

August 8, 2019

Lewes residents Marcy Saliba and Carey McDaniel have been making life easier for homeowners and renters in Lewes for three years now. From leaving a thank-you gift for renters to having someone receive a delivery or let a contractor into a home in the owner’s absence, the proprietors of Front Porch Lewes probably can, and will, do it.

“We’re licensed and insured, and Front Porch Lewes makes homeowners feel like they’ve cloned themselves,” said Saliba.

“We have many clients who hire us to be their eyes and ears when they can’t be around,” said McDaniel. “We get all kinds of requests for help, and we have fun creating packages to help people with almost everything they need.” They call this their homewatch concierge service, and they have clients throughout Lewes and beyond.

Clients who hire Front Porch Lewes need monthly or weekly checks of their homes, or meetings with delivery trucks or workers from power-washing to gardening. They have FPL coordinate donations from homes about to be renovated, or they ask to receive construction updates via phone message and photos. Clients ask FPL to water plants, check for leaks and match up TV remotes to televisions after renters have moved things around. FPL has also helped clients stage a rental or added local flair to the décor.

Saliba and McDaniel say they have fun making homeowners feel like they are getting all their odd jobs done without the stress of getting to their properties and doing it on their own. Owners can call FPL to check on their property before, during and after storms or cold snaps, or bring in garbage cans or porch furniture. FPL can even customize gifts that homeowners leave renters to welcome them to Lewes and thank them for their business.

A Front Porch Lewes Breakfast Box client appreciation gift includes a fresh loaf from Old World Breads, one Backyard Jams & Jellies jam, a pound of Bohemia Lea bacon from Maryland, a dozen local eggs, and a freshly ground bag of Notting Hill’s First State, First Town, First Cup ground coffee. FPL leaves the products in a box in the kitchen or on the front porch for guests to find as they walk in. They complete the experience with a handwritten note from the giver and a small bouquet of flowers. The team delivers 10-20 boxes a month and can customize for a special gift such as a wedding theme or girls’ weekend away.

McDaniel and Saliba said they have found a niche in Lewes. Homewatch concierge services costs range from $50 per month to more expensive weekly options. They can also do a one-stop meeting for a delivery, or a contractor or storm check for $40. Breakfast Boxes and the deluxe or personalized addition run from $50 to $100.

For more information, go to or follow the Front Porch Lewes Instagram account.



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