Lewes Lights kicks off holiday season

December 5, 2020

Lewes Lights, a new grassroots holiday event, has officially begun in the First Town. 

Santa Claus and a small group of masked children flipped a giant light switch Dec. 4, turning on the lights of several homes along Sussex Drive and ceremoniously kicking off the month-long competition. 

Co-organizer Christian Mullins said 141 homes and 55 businesses within the city limits signed up to participate, with an additional 38 homes outside the city registered too. Mullins said he knows of at least 150 other homes that have lights up, totaling nearly 350 homes and businesses in the area decorated for the season. 

Mullins and Debra Evalds brought the event to life, working together to formulate an aggressive marketing campaign with no funding. The event is designed to be a COVID-friendly affair that can be viewed without leaving the car. 

“My goal, if nothing else, is to bring the spirit of the Lewes Christmas parade to every car driving through,” said Evalds, who started the event, in part, because traditional holiday functions were canceled. “We can’t have the parade this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t crank up the music, get in our cars and have our own little parade every night driving through Lewes.”

Sussex Drive resident Tracy Burton Zigman, along with most of her neighbors, is participating. Each neighbor decorated their home with their own personal style. The same can be said for nearly all of the homes participating throughout the community. 

“All the admiration we’ve received by passersby thus far already makes our Sussex Drive hearts super happy,” she said. “It is the best gift to give and to receive.”

A map with all the homes participating can be found at Organizers offer three routes to take, but spectators can make up their own route. Lights will be on through at least Dec. 31. Award winners for various categories will be announced on Christmas Day. 

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