Racial justice alliance awards Consortium students

Christian Partlow, Pastor Purnell earn school honors
February 24, 2021

Sussex Consortium students Christian Partlow and Pastor Purnell were recognized Feb. 22 with the African American/Black Achievement Award from the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice.

Christian is a student in the Consortium’s post-high school Life Skills Program. He successfully completed all academic coursework to graduate from Cape High with his diploma and is working on transitioning skills before leaving school. According to his teachers, Christian demonstrates leadership skills as a mentor to his peers, and by providing tours to outsiders and visiting interns.

Teachers say Christian is a hard worker who is determined to succeed and participates in multiple vocational opportunities. When he has questions, he asks for assistance and immediately applies his knowledge to the task at hand and to future jobs. He is a strong advocate for himself and displays that confidence daily. 

Pastor is a hardworking student who has made connections throughout the school and community. As a student in the Sussex Consortium vocational exploratory program, Pastor has worked in many local businesses over the past three years, including The Movies at Midway, Grotto Grand Slam, Lewes Public Library and Delaware Humane Association.

Currently a junior, Pastor now works at Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings and Lavender Fields. Teachers say he brings laughter wherever he goes, and is helpful at school and interested in keeping the school clean. At school, Pastor enjoys baking, science, geography and interacting with staff.

Each student received a $15 gift card to Browseabout Books in Rehoboth; SDARJ contributes $10 to each gift card, and Browseabout contributes $5.

SDARJ’s education committee initiated the award to recognize students who represent ideals of leadership, effort and excellence in their schools. Two students from each school in the Cape Henlopen School District will be recognized.

SDARJ is a nonpartisan organization that educates, informs and advocates for racial justice, equality and fair opportunity. For more information, go to

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