Worcester Prep students create and publish children’s book

April 25, 2021

Worcester Preparatory School teachers Abby Harrison and Julia Alison recently inspired their second-graders to create and publish their very own children’s book, “Mighty Max.”

Beginning in February, students were guided through the writing and illustration process to prepare them to design their own page for the class book. The children used their thoughts and imaginations to make up the storyline about a puppy’s adventures and create their individual pages complete with colorful drawings. Not only did the young authors work hard to write and illustrate their book, they also used it as a teachable lesson by encouraging children always to explore the possibilities in life.

The two second-grade classes gathered all their pages and sent their completed manuscript to Studentreasures Publishing March 4.

When the published book arrived at school March 31, the students shared the story via live Zoom with their parents, with each child displaying and reading their one-of-a-kind pages.


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