Let Them Eat Plants

October 31, 2021

What’s on the COP 26 menu in Glasgow at the Climate Summit? PLANTS! Yes, according to, “COP 26 delegates will be served an entirely plant-based menu. The low-carbon menu relies mainly on seasonal produce, locally sourced from Scotland suppliers.” That means potatoes, greens, and beans without the meat or dairy that wreak havoc on human and planetary health!

Delegates to the climate summit are finally beginning to take notice of livestock’s long shadow. To ignore its colossal contributions to greenhouse gas emissions is truly catastrophic. Just how big a factor is animal agriculture in climate change? The UN FAO has been saying between 14.5-18% for years.  Then Worldbank researchers Goodland and Anhang estimated greenhouse gases from livestock production to be at least 51%. And today Dr. Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers is claiming greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture are at least 87% of total emissions!

This week let’s commit to putting plants on the menu—for our families, for our communities, for our countries, for our survival.

  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

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