December 21, 2021

O my stars! Don’t neglect your friends over the Holidays! Veggies are the best friends—they give gifts of fiber, vitamins, minerals, flavor, and satisfaction. Some are plain and some are fancy, some are hearty and some are delicate. All of them work together to boost our immunity and keep us healthy.

I’ll be inviting Ms. Butternut to star in a centerpiece of roasted stuffed squash at our holiday table. Mr. Cabbage knows how to mingle with other friends in a mouth watering Napa slaw. Which veggie friends will be joining you for the Holidays?

No recipe is needed for stuffed squash. I’ll be mixing up a batch of chopped cooked vegetables and brown rice, but you could stuff yours with anything from mashed potatoes to spaghetti and tomato sauce. Just scoop out the seeds, stuff and pop into the oven at 350 for an hour. Enjoy!

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