Milton farmers win first place in state corn yield contest

March 21, 2023

Milton farmers Dale and Gary Ockels earned first-place state awards in the 2022 National Corn Growers Association National Corn Yield Contest, making them among the top corn yield producers in the nation with Dekalb corn.

Dale yielded 315.1 bushels per acre with Dekalb DKC62-53RIB brand blend corn in the I:Conventional Irrigated Class. Gary achieved a yield of 306.3 bushels per acre with Dekalb DKC61-41RIB brand blend corn in the G:No-Till Irrigated Class.

“Year after year, it’s amazing to see the high yields reached with hard work, research and innovation,” said Jamie Horton, Dekalb brand manager. “In such a challenging industry, we are proud to be the chosen partner to provide a portfolio of products with exclusive genetics for consistent, superior performance potential farmers trust to help them meet their goals.”

Farmers who planted Dekalb corn captured the most national placement awards (17 of 27), as well as 179 state-level awards, 56 of which yielded 300 bushels per acre or higher. Dekalb products provide the latest exclusive genetics from Bayer’s robust global breeding engine and product testing network to help drive consistent performance potential.

The 58th NCGA contest continues to challenge farmers to achieve record-setting yields and improve agricultural management practices for a more sustainable future.

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