A little taste of the Bronx in Bethany Beach

April 7, 2023

With all the Delaware chefs winning awards and appearing on national TV, it was only a matter of time before one of our favorite beach treats would be singled out as just plain good. I never thought I’d hear myself say (or write) this, but here goes: “Thank you, Yelp!”

That oft-maligned “review site” recently dubbed Bethany’s Pomodoro Pizza No. 8 out of 100 best pizza joints in the land. “We searched all through the U.S. and Canada to find the best spots to savor a slice,” they gushed. “Whether you prefer thin crust, deep dish, red or white sauce, dozens of toppings or just a dusting of cheese. Several pizza spots are beloved for baking their pies in a wood-fired oven imported from Italy.” And yes, one of those is just a block off the ocean at 101 Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach.

Like barbecue, chili and even hot dogs, pizza styles can vary widely from region to region. And everyone thinks their favorite is the best. Pomodoro owners Rose and Brian Conte are from Italy, and they certainly know their way around sauces and cheese. The moment I took my first bite, I was reminded of some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten: It was at Louie & Ernie's tiny storefront at 1300 Crosby Ave. in the Bronx. Thanks to Rose and Brian, I no longer have to suffer the Cross-Bronx Expressway to get my pizza fix. Pomodoro comes closer to that than anyone else in our local area.

In addition to the old standbys, this Bethany Beach icon also has some unusual topping choices that are fine if you like that sort of stuff. I just don't understand barbecue or buffalo chicken on pizza. And enough already with the pineapple! But as I wrote above (in a sneaky attempt to seem all-inclusive and open-minded), each to his or her own. But I like staying close to the traditional: pepperoni, perhaps Italian sausage and plain ‘shrooms (not pickled, for goodness’ sakes!). I can even get in the mood for black olives and (pre-cooked) bacon.

Rose and Brian also offer a nice selection of strombolis and calzones. In answer to the questions that are sure to come, a stromboli is a calzone with sauce. A calzone is a stromboli without sauce. Stuffings include green peppers, onions, ricotta and of course all sorts of meat.

A word to the wise (and hungry): The place is tiny, and they only have two relatively small ovens. So in-season waits for carryout can take a while. But they have a system! Call in the afternoon for dinner pickup. You will be assigned an official number based on the time you’d like to pick up your pie. Guard that number with your life. A bit cumbersome, perhaps, but it has proven to be an excellent system.

Sound good? Try it! They’re open seven days in season starting at 11 a.m. Get your magic number by calling 302-537-1359.

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