Summer spirituality series at St. Peter’s kicks off June 1

May 25, 2023

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church announced its 2023 summer spirituality series will start at 7 p.m., Thursday, June 1, in the parish hall at 211 Mulberry St., Lewes, and continue weekly throughout the summer. At the end of each session, King’s Ice Cream is served to all in attendance. 

For the initial session June 1, the Rev. Canon Mark Harris will present Despair, Resistance, Hope and Everything Else, a short exploration of spiritual force, art making and the agenda of the prophet Micah.

Harris, a priest associate at St. Peter's, is an artist/printmaker, working primarily in making prints from woodblocks and linocuts. For the past year and a half, he has been exploring the relationships among despair, resistance, hope and everything else. The "everything else" is the destination to which all despair, resistance and hope point. It is a space in which spiritual force is made real, where the promise of abundant life is real. How words and images can help point people toward this destination is the challenge.

Art in this context is a reading of the map that an object provides. Art is not the object; it is the narrative of each person's engagement with the art object as a pointer. Thus, people are all artists in their viewing, in their making, and in making art a tool for their own spiritual journeys.

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