Cape's Lifetime Fitness class visits The Edge Martial Arts Studio

December 16, 2013

Cape Henlopen High School’s Lifetime Fitness class, under the instruction of Jennifer Hagan, was invited by owner Michael Chamberland of The Edge Martial Arts Studio in Milton to come for a visit. Chamberland, who has 20-plus years in the martial arts field, instructed the class in basic self-defense, stick defense and fencing.

The program was designed from Kemm Aiki Bujutsu (pronounced kemm-eye-key-boo-joot-sooo), which is a 21st century system of self-protection and personal development. Physical techniques are derived and modified from the martial arts of Japan and Western combative methods. The system was created to enhance the safety and performance of law enforcement and military professionals. The civilian sector has benefited greatly as experienced martial artists as well as novices have been able to learn an effective system of justified self- protection.

Shown (l-r) are Jason Harris, Lucas DaRocha, Chamberland, Caitlyn Dearborn, Amber Black and Patrick Kisela.


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