Kitchen Remodeling Guide

March 27, 2023


Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the wisest home upgrades, considering the financial return on your investment and the livability factor. As a space that is typically the hub of the home and gets the most use, having a kitchen that functions as efficiently as possible and aligns with your aesthetic results in a space that you will crave spending time in. If you have a kitchen remodel in your short-term plans, use this kitchen remodeling guide to know what to expect.

Spend the Most Time PlanningPlanning, and even over planning, every detail will result in a space that achieves your must-have list of features and design elements and will be the best way to stay within budget. Every change you make during a renovation requires a change order, which is a subsequent fee and will cause the overall costs to rise very quickly. 

Factors to Consider During Planning

  • How you currently use the space and assess what works and what doesn’t work. Perhaps you love your existing layout and want to keep that, or maybe you despise appliances sitting on the counter and want an appliance garage to keep these hidden.
  • Your existing traffic patterns. Pathways in the kitchen should be between three and four feet wide, to be able to comfortably maneuver around, especially when there are multiple cooks in the kitchen.
  • Be familiar with your home’s entry points. If you purchase an extra wide refrigerator or oven range, ensure that you have a doorway large enough for it to enter the home.
  • Think beyond the standard kitchen cabinet functionality. Incorporating pull-out shelves that adjust up and down can make the kitchen more comfortable to navigate.

Have Selections Made Before Beginning the Project
Knowing the materials you want to include in the project will enable your builder or contractor to give you the most accurate estimate. This will ensure your project stays on budget and allow the most time for items on backorder to arrive when it’s time for the installation.

Plan for Going Over Budget and Past the Timeline
No matter how meticulously planned the kitchen is, you may slightly exceed your budget. To avoid any surprises, plan for overage costs of approximately 20%. Additionally, your project will likely extend past the promised completion date. If you are determined to be in the home before the holidays, plan on starting the project several months earlier than you originally intended.

Don’t Skimp on Storage
When in doubt, add more storage instead of more space. Taking the cabinets to the ceiling will offer more storage throughout the kitchen, and customizing the cabinets and drawers to maximize storage solutions will ensure you take advantage of every square inch.

Consistently Communicate
Your builder or contractor should be proactively communicating with you during your renovation, but if they aren't, stay on top of regular communication. Check in on the project daily, maintain regular email or texting updates and communicate any concerns before they evolve into more significant issues.


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