Airlifted with cardiac emergency and survived thanks to Beebe

March 21, 2023

This letter is intended to recognize the employees at Beebe Healthcare's South Coastal Emergency Department and the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus for the excellent medical care they provide. I dare say many citizens in Sussex County do not realize the quality of medical care available to them within the Beebe Healthcare system until they actually need it. What follows is a summary of my experience with Beebe.

I experienced a cardiac event, without prior warnings, Jan. 26. I happened to be at my dentist office in Dagsboro for a routine appointment. While there, I felt pains in my chest, was perspiring without having exerted myself and knew something just wasn’t right with me. The alert and quick -thinking staff interceded, and dental hygienist Michelle Snyder sprang into action. She drove me to Beebe Healthcare’s South Coastal Emergency Department on Roxana Road in Frankford.

The drive took less than 5 minutes. When I walked into the ED, I was immediately greeted by a member of the medical staff, and a team of ED personnel quickly began attending to my situation. This team was impressive as they performed in a coordinated effort during a tense situation where minutes made a difference.

They informed me I was having a heart attack. After being stabilized, I was transported by helicopter to Beebe’s main campus in Lewes. It took eight minutes to fly there from South Coastal. It was apparent that South Coastal ED was in communication with the doctors in Lewes because upon arrival, I was wheeled directly into the Catheterization Lab.

I had the good fortune to have Mouhanad Freih, MD, perform an angioplasty. I also had a pacemaker implanted by Maria Pia Del Corral, MD. Both surgeons and their operating teams were excellent. Following surgery, the Intensive Care Unit and the Cardiac Care Units at Beebe looked after me for five days. Each staff member impressed me, and the care I received was nothing short of outstanding. To a person, they were knowledgeable, attentive and positive. It was readily apparent to me and my family that I was being supported by a team of hardworking and talented professionals.

My sincere thanks to the physicians and teams listed above and everyone involved with my care, including Paul T. Cowen, DO; Rajinder Prasad, MD; Donna Connor, NP; Denise Pecora, CRNP; Marcelle Brady, RN; Heather Burke, RN; Bethany Casamento, RN; Lauren Cole, RN; Brian Eccleston, RN; Caitie Foster, RN; Emily Hains, RN; Alexa Hendrickson, RN; Jennifer Knight, RN; Karen Malone, RN; Nathasha Merrick, RN; Kayla Silko, RN; Jillian Smart, RN; Melissa Walls, RN; discharge planner Melissa Caraballo; and Chaplain Paula Waite, who was wonderful and kind to my wife.

In my situation, time was of the essence to ensure I survived this emergency. At each juncture, I benefitted from experienced professionals who worked quickly and skillfully. The citizens of Sussex County should feel a sense of assurance that we have such excellent care available to us. You never know when you might need it!

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of the community it serves. To make a gift to celebrate the excellent care you or a loved one has received at Beebe, visit Beebe Medical Foundation at or call 302-644-2900. Want to share your story? Contact Amanda Neal at

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