Cape students weigh in on what to eat

Sampling new choices gives students a voice
November 1, 2017

Fruit smoothies, curly fries and whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies are some of the new foods coming to Cape High's cafeteria menu.

In celebration of School Nutrition Week, vendors set up stands in Cape High's cafeteria, offering samples for anyone interested.

Freshman Breahna Kusen liked everything she tried. “All of it's really good,” she said.

Breahna had just finished the barbecue chicken flatbread and a cheese flatbread, and she promptly filled out a slip of paper and dropped it in a box to vote for the new dishes.

Freshman Charlie Simmons said it was fun trying the different foods. Each day, she said, there was something different. “I've liked everything so far,” she said.

She even voted for sloppy joe – even though it was one of the least favorites of the week, said Stacy Smith, child nutrition specialist for the Cape Henlopen School District.

Smith said school nutritionists started offering samples to students last year, and they have offered great input.

Each day for a week, students tried three to six items, and then voted on them. Smith said the overwhelming favorite was seasoned curly fries which students said tasted like Arby's.

Another favorite was whole-grain chocolate chip cookies baked at the school.

“We wanted to try a new cookie, and they really loved it,” she said.

A fresh fruit smoothie machine was also a hit. Smith said they plan to install a smoothie machine to give students a breakfast option. “They make a great complement to any breakfast by meeting our requirement for fruit,” she said.

Smith said Cape's child nutrition team will make the final choice on what to add, taking into consideration the cost. New items will be rolled out when approved and available.

“I think the kids like having a voice,” Smith said.