Do More 24 Delaware raises nearly $2M for nonprofits

March 11, 2021

Do More 24 Delaware, Delaware’s Giving Day, raised nearly $2 million in the 24 hours between 6 p.m. March 4 and 6 p.m. March 5, shattering last year’s grand total and pumping more than 10,000 donations to nearly 400 nonprofits statewide.

By every measure, this year’s campaign, conducted entirely online, surpassed all expectations and all previous years’ fundraising metrics.

The Do More 24 Delaware event in 2020 raised $390,691 in 24 hours across 276 participating nonprofits, with 41 percent of donors self-reporting as first-time supporters.

All 501(c)(3) nonprofits serving Delaware were eligible to participate in Do More 24 Delaware. Nonprofits and individuals created fundraising pages to drive donor support, and donors searched for their favorite nonprofits and contributed through a single portal. Nonprofits earned matching cash awards provided by foundations and corporate sponsors; many nonprofits offered their own matching prizes to generate donor support.

United Way of Delaware President and CEO Michelle Taylor said, “These organizations are on the front lines every day doing the work that keeps our community vibrant and whole. To see their work so obviously valued and honored by thousands of donors in an overwhelming show of support is both heartwarming and encouraging. Thank you, Delaware.”

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