Enjoying incredible views at Standley Chasm with the Cape Gazette

February 17, 2024

With the Cape Gazette in tow, Ron and Pat Schaeffer visited and toured Australia and New Zealand this year from September 29 to October 21. They are both uniquely beautiful counties, and one might expect a picture of Uluru/Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House, or the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand, which normally represent Australia or New Zealand, but Ron and Pat selected a unique geological formation, Standley Chasm, which is near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia (the indigenous name is Angkerle Atwatye meaning gap of water). The chasm is generally in shade for most of the day, but changes color around noon when the sun is directly overhead, making this the most popular time of the day to visit. This is an important cultural location for indigenous Australia. It is sacred to women dreaming of the Arrernte people and is 100% owned and operated by the local Arrernte community. It is named in honor of Ida Standley, the first school teacher in Alice Springs in 1914. The landscapes in both countries are breathtaking and the cultural histories are fascinating.

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