The loonies enter the debate stage from the left

July 16, 2019

Since the Great Depression of the 1930s, liberal/progressive administrations have ushered into our society some of the most radical social changes the country has ever experienced while acting within an unconstrained view toward those they govern. Progressives, by using the courts, have been largely guided by concepts that revolve around intentions and using words such as sincerity, commitment, and dedication, all leading to the social justice they desire, normally the controlled conduct of the personal and economic lives of our citizens.

Francois Noel Babeuf near the end of the French Revolution created The Society of Equals, believing that their revolution had failed. Their doctrine foreshadowed communism and was used extensively by Marx, et al. in their origination where the state owned all and the people owned nothing. The core of an unconstrained vision of governing by the progressives coincides directly with Marx’s thinking and writing. “By the 1990s state action from such unconstrained governing bodies had been responsible for the violent or unnatural deaths of some 125 million people during the (20th) century.”

Nobel prize winner F. A. Hayek’s preface to “The Mirage of Social Justice” explained how he came to conclude “...that the Emperor had no clothes on, that is, that the term ‘social justice’ was entirely empty and meaningless” and “that the people who habitually employ the phrase simply do not know themselves what they mean by it and just use it as an assertion that a claim is justified without giving a reason for it.”

Now it has become, especially for the socialists/progressives let loose in the U.S., the demand for “distributive justice.”

However, in the country at large many now realize “there is no mercy in social justice.” Social justice is and always has been the organizing basis for the false promises of Utopia by the Progressives, Socialists and Communists.

Was this ever more true than the recent Democrat presidential debates by the most looney group of candidates I have ever heard attempting to persuade our populace that life can be free, if you vote for me. Even a dog catcher makes a better argument to be elected than they.

This absolute anti-American group that seems to truly hate America and its free market capitalistic system were also an embarrassment to our higher education system, being internationally mocked, and seemingly completely devoid of a modicum of intellect or history as they spewed their visions of an America that has never been and never meant to be, namely a totalitarian state.

It appears that only journalists, intellectuals and college faculties agree with these candidates. Evidently, they have not read the scholarly research produced since the collapse of Communism and the archives opened to Western study.

The fundamental argument existing for voters is how these few Progressive leaders have managed to plunder the many for over a century through the sophistry that persuades the victims that they are being robbed for their own benefit. A result of these Socialist/Progressive fallacies of a ‘free lunch’ whereby the political elite who have made the laws have now legally turned to the forceful taking of its citizens’ privately earned property to finance their own personal devices.

Bastiat calls this “lawful plunder,” but today we call it “wealth redistribution” or “national fairness.” Democrats have duped their followers! They are actually trying to persuade voters to embrace socialism which leads to communism and then to totalitarianism. Many countries have experienced the horrors of socialism as not leading to a utopian state, but to a state besieged with tyranny and criminality. “Social justice” is an empty formula.

A vote for these Democrat charlatans who pander to their followers the lies of a utopian life is a disgrace of a most vile order to the Constitution that we all cherish as our true north. If we lose our virtue, then we lose our country, and that is what the Founders feared most.

It is a sadness for our citizenry that we have to deal with such nonsense from the Democrats. It has been known, it has been written, and it has been observed throughout the 20th century personally, by Hannah Arendt and many others, that in the final stages of totalitarianism, absolute evil appears. That is the history of the world; totalitarianism has never changed and it never will, it can’t. Lastly, it is built upon derogatory classifications of the enemy (those who oppose it) that create the justification for terrorizing them. Totalitarian states need enemies to survive, so the people become their enemies!

These Democrat presidential candidates should immigrate to those countries whose governments they so wistfully wish to substitute for our Constitutional Republic.

Richard L. Spencer, PhD., is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and resides in Lewes.


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