Surf fishing typical for this time of year

July 8, 2021

Fourth of July weekend was a crazy one for the books. Ocean City's fireworks went up early. Assateague had a truck catch fire on the beach. The beaches were packed, and we stayed home to avoid the crowds, fishing out-of-the-way places or mowing the grass. Good time to get some ideas for tying up top-water flies. I was chasing dragons in the front field at the house. The patterns and colors on dragonflies are amazing. Pay attention to your outside lights for an idea of what the fish are eating right now. 

The surf fishing has been typical for this time of year. We heard of a pompano or two caught at Fenwick Island. Now the summer fish are just about here in full swing. Won't be long now. The surf-fishing beaches were packed as usual for the holidays. That makes for difficult fishing conditions. Go early, leave early, come back in the evening, fish into the dark. 

Time to ditch the heavy spring gear and get all the light stuff out for kingfish, spot, croaker and the cocktail blues. The bluefish are starting to show up a little more, too. Lot of bunker schools off the beaches. 

Cobia are also in town. It’s about that time of year where the fishing doesn't change, just the targets for the day. What do you want to go catch?  

The surf is all the summer fish, and top and bottom rigs with Fishbites are all you really need. Bloodworms are scarce on some weekends. The sand flea and bloodworm Fishbite formulas work great. Digging for sand fleas is easy for free bait. Holding your rod this time of year is key for more hook-ups. You can feel more bites and lose fewer fish. Lighter, fast-action rods and even boat rods are fine for summer fish in the surf on calm days. We use Zebcos for grins and giggles.

Spot has been hot at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier. Kingfish are the catch in the surf. Rays and sharks for the big pulls on your pole. 

Flounder are easily jigged up in the surf around cuts. The Cape pier has been producing, along with area waterways. Offshore anglers are hitting flounder too. Check the charters and head boats. 

Sea bass, flounder, ribbon fish, are all being caught around the offshore reefs and wrecks. 

Tuna to sword action is picking up offshore. Sharks are being brought back to the docks. It’s the usual summer action. 

You have to check weather for local trips. We have a storm coming up the coast. It might rearrange the coast a little, or not. Time will tell.

A few keeper striper were landed at the Route 90 bridge in Ocean City. Never know what is around. Get out and fish.

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