Jack-of-all-trades Jason Wilcox brings new business to Cape Region

Central American teak farming, construction, management and musical talent networking website.
December 7, 2011

After returning from Costa Rica with interests in not one, but four business prospects, Rehoboth resident Jason Wilcox said he has no trouble staying busy even now, nearly 18 months later.

Wilcox said he’s involved not only in teak importing and real estate companies in Central America, but also property management and talent booking services here in the Cape Region.

And to top it all off, the man-of-many-talents said he actually spends most of his time playing music.

“I play music all the time now, so that’s where I spend most of my time,” Wilcox said. “I played the piano first, but I play everything by ear, so I taught myself how to play the guitar, because it is a lot lighter.”

An extroverted individual, Wilcox said that when he was living in a jungle town in Costa Rica, he would simply inquire with the owners of establishments to book his solo guitar shows, but when he returned to the United States, booking jobs got a little more complicated.

And so, in lieu of beating the streets with demo tapes looking for gigs, he harnessed the power of the internet and started a business to help him, Pura Vida Music.

In Costa Rica, “pura vida” is a common term, Wilcox said, used colloquially like “aloha” in Hawaii, used to say hello or goodbye. The expression means more than that to Costa Ricans, however; it means “pure life” and is used similarly to “no worries,” beckoning the listener to relax and enjoy life.

Pura Vida Music is a web-based business that connects event planners, restaurant and venue owners with various musicians and bands in the area.

“There are a lot of really good acts that don’t get much work because they aren’t really good at walking into places and asking for jobs,” he said. “I don’t consider myself a manager; I’m just trying to get the information out there. Everyone just tries to do it on their own, there’s no network.”

With variety of venues that employ the services of Pura Vida Musica, and nearly 15 acts ranging from reggae bands to solo artists, including himself, Wilcox said he just wanted to build a foundation for his network to inform both the businesses and the musicians.

Not every gig Wilcox performs is musical either. Kevin Reading, owner of Abbotts Grill in Milford said that with his winsome personality evident after he played a few times at Abbotts, Wilcox was a natural choice to emcee “Open Mic” nights at the restaurant and pub.

“He’s very versatile, he’s outgoing so he is able to communicate, and he’s very approachable,” Reading said. “As a musician, I highly recommend him, he plays anything from Jack Johnson to The Beatles and he’s a chill dude. He spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, so I think he got some of his chill attitude there.”

But before he left for Costa Rica, Wilcox said he worked in construction and property management here in the Mid-Atlantic, which makes a nice day job to accompany his musical interests.

Now that he’s returned, he still spends many of his days working in construction, working for Fenway Property Management to perform remodeling and repair work for real estate offices and local residents like Jane Hearn, of Lewes.

From minor cosmetic work inside her home to replacing fencing outside the house, Hearn said she’s been happy with all the home improvements Wilcox has performed at her property.

“He’s done several things. He put a railing on the front porch, and he’s fixed some windows too,” she said. “He did a great job it looks really good. I’ve had lots of compliments.”

Though balancing all his business interests can undoubtedly be daunting, Wilcox seems to approach his well-stocked to-do list with the same attitude he approaches his music: “Pura Vida,”

Wilcox’ business interests include Pura Vida Music, at;  Fenway Property Management, at;  Fenway Properties in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, at;  and Golden Harbors International teak-importing business, at  Wilcox is also available at 1-302-396-1749.