Unsaturated races leave more room to put your foot down

April 30, 2024

Polyunsaturated - No human journalist type has covered, photographed and written about more road races than I have. In a sport that’s divided and sorted into age groups for trophy distribution, I am sometimes the oldest person on the road if the octogenarians don’t show up. Last week, a paltry number showed up for three races, which is preferable to a poultry number unless you’re a free-ranging chicken that can run a seven-minute-mile pace for three miles. A pair of Seashore Striders races were held over the weekend: the April 27 Sexual Assault Awareness 5K in Dover attracted 20 runners, while Sunday’s The Journey 5K at Sea Colony had a field of 54 runners. Races2Run staged the inaugural Scott Trot 5K April 27 along American Legion Road in Lewes with 105 finishers. The 5K races were generally slow, but not as slow as standing still.   

WNBA - We all know that lawyers in court are only supposed to ask questions for which they already know the answer. How many teams are in the WNBA and when does the season begin? I know it starts after the preseason, which begins Friday, May 3. I believe the regular season begins Tuesday, May 14, with games on ESPN2 and ESPN3. Expect to pay a subscription rate. Go to for all the news you could possibly want, like who the best player is on the 12 teams you cannot name at the moment. I’m seeing 213 players. Elena Delle Donne is a forward for the Washington Mystics. Elena is now 35 years old and, yes, I saw her play as an eighth-grader. Aliyah Boston and Caitlyn Clark will lead the Indiana Fever. I wonder if Mike Pence has season tickets. 

Philly fan - I am old school, like Eagles playing in Franklin Field, Sixers (Warriors) balling in Convention Hall, Flyers dropping bodies on the Spectrum ice and Phillies swinging for the Ballantine sign at Connie Mack Stadium, where I also saw the Athletics play. If I had to pick the team in 2024 I care about the most, it's the Phillies. I’ve also come back to the A’s, first because of local muppet Zack Gelof, but it’s also like a 23andMe discovery of a lost relative. I’m prepared for the 19-10 Phillies to go full-boat bogeyman and chase me around the row house and down the cellar steps to where I can hide in the coal bin until Richie Ashburn comes back.

Triumph Pelvic Health - Local muppet Logan Shuttleworth is part of a business opening in Rehoboth – she is awesome in so many ways – just go to the website and check it out. I’m not a shill for local businesses, but as this relates to women and sports, it sounds like a great idea inside our beach community where so many women are running and rolling and competing in sports and setting records to infinity. I was in a Temple football locker room in 1965 when an injured lineman told a coach, “No contact for me. I have a deep bruise in my pubic symphysis.” The coach told him to drop anatomy and physiology class, reminding Dombrowski he was Polish by birth but a lineman for life. I know most of us lifelong athletes and linemen walk around in a body having no idea how it works; we only call someone when it doesn’t.  

Snippets - The best thing about living at the beach is we are already here. Coaching then writing about Cape sports since 1975, I’m a beachin’ kind of guy. I don’t like heading north up the dual highway in late May when everyone else is heading south. Getting to the game is easy; it's the getting home that’s the hard part. I will vote “Yes” for the upcoming Cape referendum. The biggest hit from the musical group Yes is “Roundabout,” which is what happens to the conversation when the yes and no people get to arguing tax rates and mills. Talk about a malfunction junction. Go on now, git! 


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