Experience Lewes public art before season comes to a close

September 19, 2022

The Lewes Public Art Committee encourages everyone to take in the City of Lewes Art Loop, as the 2022 season pieces will be removed in the coming weeks.

This season, the art committee, in cooperation with Lewes’ parks and recreation commission and African American heritage commission, has presented five art pieces for locals and visitors to enjoy in several locations around town.

“Please check them out if you haven’t had a chance yet. And check them out again if you have seen them, because they bring a different story each time they are encountered,” said Cliff Diver, Lewes Public Art Committee chair.

In George H.P. Smith Park are “Lewes Squirt” by Vivien Collins and Rose DiSiano’s “Absent Monument” and “Armillary Empowerment Spheres” series.

In Lewes Canalfront Park, Letha Wilson’s “Double Arc Leaves and Lava” sculpture is adorned with photos the artist captured in Hawaii and California.

Kyle Confehr’s mural continues to grab attention along the Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail where it backs up to Schley Avenue, 

Over the next few weeks, all pieces except for Confehr’s will be deinstalled.

“We had a great season this year; we gave many tours, and we want to thank those who sent us such encouraging feedback over the summer. The City of Lewes thanks all who volunteered their efforts when called upon, and pitched in to help us install and maintain these works of art. So, this year we have a special shout-out to Aquiles Demerutis, Ed Tessein, Chuck Young, Jim Colbert, Bill Leeman, Tim Ritzert (who knew he does windows?), the city maintenance department and the crew from Handy Andy who donated their services. We could not have installed without the help and support of the Friends of Canalfront Park. And we especially appreciate the financial support from Lakeside Pottery. Over the years our committee has independently raised over $10,000 to support our projects,” said Diver. “Thanks to all our visitors for taking a moment to share a reaction, making this a great 2022. See you next year with DeWitt Godfrey,” said Diver.

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